Vegan Handbound Journal with Blank Pages / Cork / Leather Alternative / Eco-Friendly Journal

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You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.   ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

Cork leather. That’s right, cork. This is an amazing material. It is incredibly durable and is scratch and water-resistant. Made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, it’s natural, renewable and eco-friendly.

This journal is 100% vegan and animal cruelty free.

The 240 pages (counting front and back) consist of white 80lb paper that has a good tooth for writing or sketching. The paper is blank.

The pages have been hand folded, pressed and then divided into 6 signatures. The signatures are hand sewn into the material with light blue bookbinding thread.

The use of the long-stitch bookbinding method gives the journal fantastic binding strength as well as the ability to open completely flat so every inch of paper can be used.

The wrap-around cover keeps the paper safe and a long light tan vegan cord holds everything together. The bookmark is sewn to the cover and features an owl.

  • Ready to Ship
  • 6in x 4.5in journal
  • Quality cork material
  • 80lb (124gsm) paper - blank
  • 240 pages (counting front and back)
  • Bound with bookbinding thread
  • Handmade in Santa Cruz, Ca.

Journal will be mailed via USPS Priority Mail within the US. Shipments elsewhere are mailed First Class International Mail.

I hope my journals inspire people to rediscover the lost art of putting pen to paper.