About BoundByHand

Hello & Welcome to BoundByHand

My name is Stephanie and I created BoundByHand.  The art of bookbinding has always been an interest of mine.  My favorite binding method is the long stitch; a method of binding that has a rich history. The paper I use has a wonderful thickness that is perfect for many mediums; pencil to fountain pen, charcoal to watercolor. I make all my journals in small batches which gives me the opportunity to be influenced by the material; whether it be leather, vinyl or book-board. Once I layout my materials and sit down to bind, the journal often takes me in another direction and turns out differently then designed. I like to say my journals are unique with their own personalities. Each and every journal is made by me in my studio located in  Santa Cruz, California.

Custom orders welcome. Do you have an idea you want to see created? Contact me and lets chat.